Our Perfectly Joyful


In the last year, the internet underwent a great style shift. It went from websites that were smaller than the full width of the screen. These older style websites featured a sidebar and a lot of text, especially on the homepage. The first style changes took place when we busted the dam of screen size and pushed our content the full width of your screen. The most recent change saw the complete revamp of the homepage. The portfolio below features this new style. If you would like a link to the sites I made in the older style, just ask. As I make more of these beauties, I will post them. Notice...

  • 031

    They are picture heavy

    The new style of website relies upon pictures. It allows the consumer to decide upon the content they want to read. It is only when they click through to other pages that they get the information they seek. 

  • 001

    They feature calls to action

    Right up front you guide people where you want them to go. However, by giving them obvious choices, they are empowered to go where they need. 

  • 033

    Parallax backgrounds are popular

    If you notice a horizontal line through a picture, it is because it is a parallax photo. The home page of this website features parallax artwork. The background slowly moves as a person scrolls down. 

  • 002

    Carousels abound

    Carousels can contain all sorts of information. In these sites, alone, you will see carousels of blog posts and photographs. We can also create carousels of products, logos, or pages. 

  • 030

    They have a clean, large scale

    What they all display is a tendency toward ever cleaner content. No more are the homepages loaded with so much information you are overwhelmed. All fonts are large and pictures intrigue and draw in.