What goes into a

Free Site Analysis?



I will look at what server  your site sits on? Who else is on your server with you? Yes, this matters and affects your SEO and site placement. Is your foundation stable enough to support your growing site?



I will delve into your theme. What theme do you run? We use a WordPress platform and are conscientious about only using themes and plugins that are updated regularly and meet our quality control standards. What does your theme look like? Has it been updated lately? BTW...while you are checking updates, are your plugins updated regularly?



I will examine your color and media choices for beauty and relevance. Beyond that, I will dig deeper. Is your site new and fresh? Does it feel like the latest and greatest? Does it represent what you want to tell the world about your company? Do your values shine through? 


Ease of Use

Can your clients figure out what is going on in your site? Is it intuitive? As important, you want your clients to be directed to very specific places. When you design your navigation, you need to do so with intention. Does your site show this intention?


Back Office

This is the stuff you didn't know you didn't know when you set up your site. And, I encounter more folks with back office woes than you can imagine. When you login to you site, are you able to access all your content, or just what has been specifically designated for you to be able to change? Even if you were told your content was "easy to access", does this pan out?

Scroll over the flowers for an explanation of what we will be looking for when we evaluate your site.

So Easy and So Free

All you need to do is hit this button and we can get started evaluating your site. What have you got to lose? And...if you are already here, it probably means you are questioning whether your site, or parts of your site are working for you. Let's see whats going on!