bloggingIf you are asking if blogging works, stop. I know for a fact that blogging increases traffic to your site. The goal is that this traffic builds upon itself exponentially. Let me give you a case in point, Bonita Pool and Spa.  When I started blogging for them a few years back, we had a goal that we wanted to increase traffic to 1000 viewers per month. With a blog a month we far exceeded our expectations and now average 7K-8K a month.

What is the key to increased traffic and higher placement through blogging?

First, you have to assess your goals. The length of time necessary to establish yourself will all depend upon what search keywords you want to rank in and your consistency. Some keywords are impacted. When we choose keywords we want people to find you. However, if those keywords are wanted by many others, it will be more difficult to accomplish your goals. In that case the one saving grace you will find is constantly changing content on your website…blogging.

What should you consider when embarking upon this blogging venture?

  1. Set up a schedule and meet your deadlines. Whether you blog once a week or once a month, you need to treat your blog like a client with a deadline. If you are not extremely motivated this can be the hardest barrier to overcome.
  2. Pick your keywords. Do some thinking about what a person might be searching for when they want to find your site.
  3. Make sure your website is up to snuff. Your blog should bring your readers to a readable blog and a site they want to explore further. If your site is not inviting, you are not going to convert your readers into consumers.
  4. Get business social media accounts of many varieties and share your blog all over the place every time you blog. Think beyond facebook and pinterest to reddit, bloglovin, and others.
  5. To thine own self be true. We all like to believe that we can do the above tasks ourselves. We want to, we really do. However, it is a rare person that has the wherewithal to sit down and write a blog at the end of a busy day. It is that little extra something that gets pushed off until tomorrow. My suggestion is to set a schedule and give yourself a few months. Then, be honest about where you are and when, if at all, you blogged.

What if I don’t meet my blogging expectations?

Hire a professional. A professional blogger will assist you in choosing keywords and blog topics to the extent you need that help. They will research the topic and write a blog designed to meet search engine specs. What you gain in consistent blogging is worth the small price of hiring someone who knows what they’re doing, down to the keyword density.

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