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Everyone in every business in the world needs a website. It acts as everything from a vehicle for marketing to a basic legitimization that you are real. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, though. Let’s consider, for a moment, what happens when a person goes looking for a therapist. There are times when someone is referred. A referral is a gift. However, what usually happens when I am given a referral…for anything? I google them. I find their website and I dig around, a bit. The same thing happens when a person gets a referral for a therapist. The other way that a person finds their way to a therapist, and the way that I fear is much more likely is this. You google or call your insurance. After filtering for all manner of irrelevant criteria, you find yourself with a list…a list that is, prehaps, three pages in length. Now, what to do? Begin googling. The problem is that rarely can a website be found.

Why does a therapist need a website?

If you are given a referral, you want to give your client some information on who you are and the disciplines you employ. You want them to know your specialty and if you theoretical leaning that may touch them. Basically, you want to tell them who you are so that they can make a judgment if meeting with you will help.

If you are among an item on a list. You have even more opportunity because you are bound to stand out in the mix of the hopelessly un-webbed.

Beyond the little intro, though, you have opportunities aplenty to give your clients resources, heck…give the world what you have that will make the person who reads your page a little bit better for it.

In our day and age, it is absolutely imperative that you have a website…it makes no difference how a client gets to you, you do them a disservice to not tell them who you are. And just maybe, when you put yourself out there and let those that need your help, find your help, you will get a new client. That wouldn’t be so terrible, now would it?

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