better blogWriting a better blog is important stuff. Why? Because it is virtually the only constant factor in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, for short. Google is always changing its algorithms for why one page ranks higher than another page. There will always be a company who will try to sell you on the notion that they can get you at the top of your keyword list. For a while, they may be correct depending upon how many other people are also using that keyword in your area. However, then what happens? Google changes the way they put people at the top of their list. Then, your site isn’t number one and will get lower and lower as Google ever so slightly, or with great gusto, changes their standards.

The one thing that will get you ranked higher, consistently, is constantly changing content…the way google likes it…a better blog.

So..what are the 5  tips for a better blog?

  1. Be consistent: This is the hardest thing for most people. Actually even writing the blog is the hardest. However, if you can start, and you have a lot to say, your zeal often fizzles. Set a calendar and blog something….as regularly as you possibly can.
  2. Pick one keyword, per blog, and repeat it enough. The keyword for this blog is “better blog”. The keyword is a word someone might google who would then want to click through to more of your blogs and, better yet, your site. It is fabulous for someone to just click around because it increases your overall traffic, but the best scenario is that your blog leads to a client. You need to repeat your keyword so that there is enough density. To make things more fun, this density percentage also changes. My recommendation is to download a plugin to assist you with this.
  3. Make it personable. Don’t write for your industry. That is, if you are an attorney, don’t write for other attorneys. Don’t write like you are writing for a judge, write for the average Joe who will be looking around the internet for a family law attorney. Talk like you are talking to your best friend at lunch.
  4. Write enough. Enough for google is 300 words, so write, at least that much.
  5.  Advertise your blog on social media….there are so many options. The basics are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest but there are so many others. Because you are not directly asking people for a sale, it should be easy to share your writing, right? And, there are certain social media sites that are more beneficial depending upon your industry

and here is a 6th, just to be snarky.

Sometimes you have to break the rules, like I just did. A great blog can be built on all sorts of fun and shenanigans. I am also going to break another. Usually, you should not ask for a something from your reader, at the end.  However, about every 3rd or 4th blog, I consider it. So here is my shameless end plug and “call to action”. If you have been blogging and it is a nightmare, contact me. Or, if you can’t blog, no matter how hard you try, contact me. I blog on every topic under the sun and have a proven track record of significantly improving SEO and sales. So there.

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