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Does Blogging Really Work?

By perfectlyrachael | August 28, 2018

If you are asking if blogging works, stop. I know for a fact that blogging increases traffic to your site. The goal is that this traffic builds upon itself exponentially. Let me give you a case in point, Bonita Pool and Spa.  When I started blogging for them a few years back, we had a…

questions to ask a web designer

Questions To Ask A Web Designer Before You Spend A Dime

By perfectlyrachael | March 8, 2017

I have to give you this information, up front. This is because I run into trouble so often. This is what normally happens. I get a call from a person who wants me to look into their site to make a couple of changes. Sometimes things go really well because their site was built using…

better blog

5 Tips for A Better Blog on Your Website

By perfectlyrachael | March 8, 2017

Writing a better blog is important stuff. Why? Because it is virtually the only constant factor in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, for short. Google is always changing its algorithms for why one page ranks higher than another page. There will always be a company who will try to sell you on the notion that…

therapist website

Does A Therapist Really Need A Website?

By perfectlyrachael | March 8, 2017

In one word… YES Everyone in every business in the world needs a website. It acts as everything from a vehicle for marketing to a basic legitimization that you are real. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, though. Let’s consider, for a moment, what happens when a person goes looking for a therapist. There are…

What does “easy to access content” mean?

By perfectlyrachael | October 7, 2016

Well, I suppose that depends upon who you ask. Often, I get a chance to look at websites built by other people. What usually happens is that a friend/acquaintance/client will say that they cannot figure out how to change a certain aspect of their website. Can I go in and find out how to do…